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TpT Tuesday

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As a thank you for following me on facebook! I am doing a RAFFLECOPTER! 3 people will be chosen at random (by rafflecopter) and will receive my Summer Sea Creature Language Pack! Winners chosen this Friday, May 31st.
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Keep sharing the love, I will have a FOREVER FREEBIE at 600!

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Teachers Pay Teachers Tuesday- WordNerdSpeechTeach Review!

Monday, May 20, 2013

I am thrilled to bring you a review of not one but THREE activities from Lindsey Karol of, Word Nerd Speech Teach that are all summer themed! Love them all!

  • Quick Rant: I have to say I am slightly biased about this pack, I am a little bit obsessed with flip flops! I started collecting all different colors of them in high school. No longer have such an extensive collection. However, if you don't own a pair of Rainbows, you don't know flip flops!
  • This is a 10 page pack of 48 irregular verbs! Only $1.50. 
  • Structure: incorrect sentences that your student's will correct. For students who need a bit of extra help correcting the sentences, she has included an "answer" mat! It had all 48 verbs and the students can find and underline the answer until they have answered them all! 
  • You could even use this answer mat as a way to take data! SLPs or students could underline using green for the correct answers or red for incorrect/needs work! Then play again and see if they can improve! 

  •  This is a 20 page pack of 108 past, present and future verb tenses! Only $2.25 
  • Structure: Comes with a sorting mat for all 3 verb tenses. Print one mat for the group or give one to each student. Personally my students prefer to compete, so we used one mat! Students take turns picking a card and sorting the verb into the correct pile.
  •  Great for verb tense recognition and the different verb tense patterns! I like that this is a different way to target this skill!  
  • First of all, what a TpT Pack! This includes so many great activities and it is a complete steal at $3.00! 
  •  Includes "a variety of inferencing skills with this packet that includes 24 “what” inferencing questions, 24 “where” inferencing questions, 24 cause and effect inferencing questions, 24 predicting questions, 9 guess the emotion cards, and 9 emotion homework
  • I really like that the different sets are separated by a title page so you can keep them all straight. It also helps that they are color coordinated!  
  • My students with pragmatic deficits need help with all of these areas, inferences, cause/effect, predicting and emotions. It is fabulous to have another resource that targets all of these areas! I cannot have enough inferencing or predicting tasks. 
  • Favorite part? The explaining WHY emotion cards. I have quite a few students who just say "Well, body language!" but are unable to explain what features of body language they are infering (mouth open, furrowed brow, smile, eyes wide, etc.)

Love these products as much as I do? 
Check out more of Word Nerd Speech Teach here:   

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win "Snail Sentence Repetition" AND hop on over to Word Nerd Speech Teach to enter her giveaway for "Take a Lick: Past, Present, and Future Popscicles" by clicking this link!

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Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I LOVE anything involving the beach. Might have something to do with where I live, Carlsbad! A mere 3 miles from the ocean. Spoiled? Absolutely. 

Summer is here! I wanted to make planning easier during the busy IEP season!  So I made one pack including a variety of different language skills! One stop shopping, sweet! Hope you enjoy my Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack} $3.00 in my store.

Targets: receptive/expressive language, syntax/morphology, semantics.

Ages: 5+

--Title Page 1
--Info Page 2
--Following Directions (Pages 3-6)= 2 picture sheets, 2 pages of directions!
--Regular Past Tense (pages 7-8)= Use these cards to practice regular past tense verbs
--Irregular Past Tense (pages 9-10)= Use these cards to practice irregular past tense verbs.
--Fact or Opinion (pages 11-14)= Read the fact or opinion and have the students guess the answer!
--Sentence Correction (pages 15-20)= Practice pronouns, verb tenses, is/are, has/have, was/were with these sentence correction cards.
--Who Am I? (pages 21-24)= Who am I? clue cards, and answer cards for all the sea creatures.

--Sea Creature Generic Game Board (page 25) = Use this in conjunction with cards, die or any other skill you want to target.
--Sea Creature Dice (page 25-27)= Dice with sea creatures on them! (1-6 die, 1-3 die)
--***Bonus Cards: treasure= extra turn, beach ball=reverse, or seaweed=lose a turn
--TOU Page 28
--Credits Page 29

Come back soon, I have a series of reviews coming up and more new products in the works this summer!

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What Did You Do Wednesday?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Every grade level loves this game! Monkeying Around!!

The portion of the tree that you hang the monkeys off is held up with a magnet. Students take turns spinning the attached spinner. It tells you how many monkeys to put on the tree. 
Be careful where you hang them or the monkeys will fall into the alligator pond! 

It's like playing with barrel of monkeys, but in game form and so much more suspenseful!
Find it here on Amazon for $14.52  

I do not get receive any compensation for these reviews, I just LOVE this game.

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Teachers Pay Teachers Tuesday-Straight Up Speech

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today I am reviewing a new product on Teachers Pay Teachers by, Jenn Bell of Straight Up Speech

What this includes:
  • 12 pages of analogies for both receptive and expressive tasks! 
  • 26 analogy cards that include text and graphics (hip hip hooray!) for each analogy.
  • 26 answer cards with graphics (again Yay!) 
  • extra cards to create your own!
Expressive Task: Students will independently read or listen to analogy pairs read aloud by clinician and will state missing word that completes the second analogy.

Receptive Task: Students will independently read or listen to analogy pairs read aloud by clinician and select word that completes the second analogy.

Why I think this is worth the buy:
  • I love that Jenn included graphics! Many products you will find on TpT do not include graphics for their analogies! I recently bought a pack of analogy cards from Super Duper Inc for $13.95! This pack is only $3.00!! Talk about a money saver! Wish I had this a few months ago!!!
Overall: Do I need to do anymore convincing? This is just something you NEED in your therapy room!

Follow Straight Up Speech on Facebook, Blog and TpT.

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500 Follower Celebration and THANK YOU!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What a milestone! I started my teachers pay teachers store in February of this year. Honestly didn't think it would grow so fast! Thank you so much for your continued support! I really didn't think I would like doing this as much as I do! :) It's been so much fun and I have "met" so many helpful and supportive SLP in this online world. I appreciate all of you! Thank you!!

On a personal note: I plan to devote more time to making new products and blog posting!  If you haven't heard yet, I am getting married in 87 days! The next few months will be a bit crazy balancing everything, but I plan to keep blogging and creating! It is nice to focus on work sometimes and not all the wedding planning! If any of you are married SLPs, I would love to hear wedding planning or happy marriage tips! Leave your comments!! 

As a thank you, I am having a raffle! 
2 winners will pick 3 items of their choice from my store!

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BIG "Speech" -er Appreciation Sale!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Click on the image to jump to my store! 

ALL PRODUCTS 20% off, use promo code: TAD13 for an additional 8% off=28% off woo hoo!
Stock up while you can and thank you for your continued support! 

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Friday Freebie! Making Middle School Transition Easy {IEP Summary Sheet}

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hey SLPs! It's almost the end of the school year! You know what that means?

Middle School transition time!

Download this freebie by liking my facebook page! Click on the free downloads button on the top right side (look for the big thumbs up symbol).

One worksheet: summary for students to fill out and bottom portion for SLPs.

Every year I spend a few hours meeting with the middle school SLP explaining the in and outs of all of my student's IEPs!

I decided it would be fun to have the 5th grade students fill out a summary form themselves!

This way their new SLP (or teacher) learn about some of their interests, and find out what specific areas of speech/language they are working on. (Do your student's know their own goals? If not check out my SLP Objective Binder).

The bottom portion the SLP fills out and includes: IEP specifics such as specific therapy time, what other services are provided, consultation services you provide and modifications/other info.


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New Product- Question Magic

Do you have students who attempt to formulate questions, but put the verbs in the wrong place? (e.g. I can have a pencil?) This will assist students in learning the appropriate placement in a sentence for helping verbs/question verbs. Will also show them the pattern of a question versus a statement. Hooray!

Targets: Formulating questions and statements using helping verbs! {expressive language, syntax}. Currently $3.50 in my store!

Ages: Students must be readers! This was created for students grades 3-8.

What is included:
--Title Page 1, Table of Contents/Information Page 2
--Information and Examples (Page 3)= includes a basic definition of question words and helping verbs with examples.
--Levels of Difficulty & Sorting Mats (Page 4)=The top of the page explains the hierarchy for sorting the questions/statements and bottom includes sorting mats.
--Set 1-Question Sorting Cards (Pages 5-20)= 64 questions to sort into the correct order.
--Set 2-Statement Sorting Cards (Pages 21-36)= 64 statements to sort into the correct order.

YES you read that right 148 questions/statements all together! Lots of practice!!

--Pre/Post Quiz (Page 38)= Use this page to monitor progress before and after teaching this lesson.
--Helping Verbs Dice (Page 39-41)= use the Helping Verbs Dice alone to have students formulate questions, and then practice answering their own questions by making a statement. Also use with the Magic Game Board!

--Magic Game Board (Page 42) = use this in conjunction with Helping Verbs Dice or any other skill you want to target.
--Other tips: Combine Set 1 and Set 2. Give students 10 cards and have them formulate one question and one statement. See if they can accurately do both!
--Terms of Use Page 43, Credits Page 44

I think this is seriously going to help my students who have a hard time formulating questions! I cannot wait to use it myself!

Now for a GIVEAWAY! 
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What Did You Do Wednesday?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have finally finished laminating and cutting out all my new Teachers Pay Teachers activities I bought in the last sale! It feels like it's taken me forever!!

For my older students this week, we played Conjuction Karate by The Speech Bubble a great resource and a great price for what you get!

I previewed Don't Break the Ice Articulation for Busy Bee Speech a long while back. I finally got around to using it and I am obsessed and I think my preschoolers are too! Comes with different sets of the early developing sounds that you velcro to the top of the cubes! Genius!

I also took out Chutes and Ladders! It had been AGES since I played this, and it was so fun to watch the preschoolers practice articulation and their counting skills!

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