Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I LOVE anything involving the beach. Might have something to do with where I live, Carlsbad! A mere 3 miles from the ocean. Spoiled? Absolutely. 

Summer is here! I wanted to make planning easier during the busy IEP season!  So I made one pack including a variety of different language skills! One stop shopping, sweet! Hope you enjoy my Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack} $3.00 in my store.

Targets: receptive/expressive language, syntax/morphology, semantics.

Ages: 5+

--Title Page 1
--Info Page 2
--Following Directions (Pages 3-6)= 2 picture sheets, 2 pages of directions!
--Regular Past Tense (pages 7-8)= Use these cards to practice regular past tense verbs
--Irregular Past Tense (pages 9-10)= Use these cards to practice irregular past tense verbs.
--Fact or Opinion (pages 11-14)= Read the fact or opinion and have the students guess the answer!
--Sentence Correction (pages 15-20)= Practice pronouns, verb tenses, is/are, has/have, was/were with these sentence correction cards.
--Who Am I? (pages 21-24)= Who am I? clue cards, and answer cards for all the sea creatures.

--Sea Creature Generic Game Board (page 25) = Use this in conjunction with cards, die or any other skill you want to target.
--Sea Creature Dice (page 25-27)= Dice with sea creatures on them! (1-6 die, 1-3 die)
--***Bonus Cards: treasure= extra turn, beach ball=reverse, or seaweed=lose a turn
--TOU Page 28
--Credits Page 29

Come back soon, I have a series of reviews coming up and more new products in the works this summer!

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5 Responses to “Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack} ”

  1. Wow! What a great packet of language targets!!!

  2. You are so lucky to live so close to the ocean ---- I don't even know how far away I am! I am near Gallup, NM, so that's a long, long way from the ocean.

    1. Ann! I know, I am very spoiled! I wont be this way forever, but for now I try to take advantage!

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