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The Fib Revealed!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hope you enjoyed our 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop! 

Here is my fib, revealed!!! 
A. FIB!! I have four freckles in my eye just like my mom. I only have 1 in my left eye, my mom has 4 or more in both eyes! 

B. Fact! My house is full of paintings and space stuff! My mom is a water color artist and my dad worked at Lockheed Martin for 33 years. 

C. Fact! My husband is a doomsday prepper and zombie fanatic! We call him Zombie Zach.  Loves all things zombies even before The Walking Dead became popular. We have a zombie shrine in our house and a garage full of apocalypse preparation gear. 

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