Thankful and Grateful Blog Hop

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I am so thankful to be a member of The Frenzied SLPs! The amount of support I receive from this fabulous group of women is amazing. They inspire me every single day. Talk about inspirational, right!? 
The Frenzied SLPs are taking a break from our regularly scheduled linky party to bring you a scavenger hunt style blog hop where we will share our thankful and grateful stories while inviting you to participate in our giveaway. Exciting! 

Three lucky winners will be chosen to each receive a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Here is how you can participate:
1. Read each Thankful and Grateful post from The Frenzied SLPs!
2. Collect the character at the bottom of each post. Don't forget to write down
the characers in order to reveal the secret phrase.
3. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of any post by entering the phrase.
4. Visit The Frenzied SLPs Facebook Page for an extra entry.
5. Three winners will be chosen after the rafflecopter closes on 11/13/2015.

What am I thankful for? A community of SLPs from all over the world that are willing to support and share ideas with each other. We have such a small field, that is difficult for most to understand. It's nice to have other people who understand and "get it". 

I am grateful for my school district, my students, my intern, my coworkers, my principal. Things where I work have been so much better this year. I could not be happier. Thank you for following this blog, while lacking in posts lately....I have been living my glorious life. I appreciate each and every one of you who read this and support my TpT store. 


You found the last clue! Now hop back to the first blog!

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Vlogging and blogging too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holy moly! The last time I blogged was almost 2 months ago? 
Is it just me or it is really hard to find time to blog?

Speaking of that....

I also have a brand new product!

If you want to check it out before you buy! Check out the freebie! 

Have a Happy Halloween! 

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Surviving the First Week

Monday, August 10, 2015

Our second linky is all about surviving your fist week back at work.
Checking off your to-do list!

For me the beginning of the year is overwhelming because there is so much to get done! Where do you even start? AND my first day is TODAY! ACK!!

What I have done to be less "frenzied" is pick on are to focus on related to my students, myself and one that is related to parents/teachers.

This year with my students, my focus will be on lesson planning ahead of time. Last year it was data collection. I plan on filling out a weekly sheet that outlines what I will do and develop my theme units more this way!

I also pick an area of speech and language to focus on with CEUs to become more of an "expert" in that area In past years I have focused on voice disorders, fluency, selective mutism, ASD and articulation. Usually it depends on what type of students are on my caseload each year. I tend to pick on that I feel like I need some brushing up on!

With parents and teachers, I want to focus on communicating more. It can be hard to pull yourself out of the so called "speech cave". We get caught up with therapy and paperwork and forget to reach out and communicate. If we communicate more teachers and parents will have a better understanding of what we do and we will not longer be the, "mystery speech teacher".  Hoping to set a goal of biweekly communication with teachers.

Hope this helped you select a focus for your year, Happy Back to School!

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The Frenzied SLPs and SLP Strong

Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to the new Frenzied SLPs and #SLP Strong Linky Party! We are excited to be bringing you ideas and inspiration every other week, on becoming #SLPStrong Together. 

When I think about this summer it's difficult for me to pick just one thing I learned to talk about. So I picked three and used "Think, Learn and Love" as my inspiration.

1. Think- During the school year I am so busy that I don't have much time to think. If you have noticed, I have been taking a break from creating TpT products. I wanted to enjoy some time to process what direction I wanted to take Queen's Speech.  I am sure I am not the only one who forgets to "stop and smell the roses" and just think for a minute about where we are and what we are doing. It's been nice to have a little bit of time off to enjoy LIFE! However, I promise I am back on the TpT game and I am updating some products for back to school. Be on the lookout!

2. Learn- I have learned so much this summer that I don't even know where to begin!  I had 3 weeks off in June and in July I began a new venture in my life of becoming a clinical supervisor for California State University of San Marcos. We started up a brand new Bilingual Preschool Clinic through a local hospital. I supervised three graduate school clinicians and we provided therapy services for 25 students.

  • I learned the 2.5 hours is a long time for a preschooler to attend and we had to get creative with our clinic schedule to keep them busy.
  • I learned that a sensory bin can keep kids entertained, talking, and turn-taking for a long time! 
  • I learned to be open, honest and listen. Being quiet and watching, I learned so much from my students. They were oh-so creative! I will share some great ideas for therapy that they used. 
  • I learned that I have more clinical skills and ideas to share than I thought. I have been an SLP for 6 years and sometimes doubt my ability. 
  • I learned that I really enjoy supervising! It's challenging and fun to give back to others. I have supervised CF's, second year graduate clinicians, clinicians going into their second year and next year I will have a first year. If you haven't tried supervising, I suggest you take the leap. 

3. Love- I learned to "treat yo' self". If you have watched me on periscope (@queenspeechslp), I talk a bit about my new venture into yoga and how it helps relieve my stress and anxiety.

  • Yin is a type of yoga (opposite of Yang style) where you hold postures for 3-5 minutes or longer. Most exercises stretches really, are completed on the floor in seated or lying postures. 
  • The focus is meditative in nature, you participate in breathing patterns that help you relax.
  • My favorite instructor also uses essential oils to boost the relaxation. My favorite have been lavender and rosemary. 
  • I find that having a 60 minute session set aside after work and not having to do anything other than breathe, has been very life changing. It slows down your thoughts and makes you realize that everything is going to be okay. Work is work. My life and my happiness are important. 
  • My anxiety has diminished and I find myself yearning to go to more and more yoga classes! Just for the hour of quiet relaxation.
What Did You Learn This Summer? 

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Feeling weak? Be sure to FINISH STRONG!

Friday, May 29, 2015

I am down to my last 10 school days! The last stretch can be difficult, so here are 3 things I do to motivate myself! 

1.  Snacks! Everyone has their favorites! My current favorite is popcorn as I am trying to watch my weight! These popcorn flavors are from Trader Joe's! Cheap and low calorie. Perfect snack to munch on while writing reports! I also love having chocolate covered espresso beans, a nice sweet pick me up!

2. Universal Toys- The Fold & Go Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug is my favorite as of late! Along with Hape accessories.

My niece (age 3) playing with the house!

I have bought pretty much every single Hape room for this dollhouse, now they don't all fit! The students do not care though. I love seeing everything spread out all over the floor. You can target so many various goals and it's great for all ages. Yes, the dollhouse is pink, but the boys do not care! All my students beg for this thing. It's probably the most used item in my speech room.

3. Give yourself something to look forward to- A good ole paper chain to count down the days, I have also put HUGE post-it notes on the front of each file that counts down how many reports/IEPs I have left! As well as something special to do on the last day of school! Like book yourself a massage, a pedicure, a nice dinner out, or a long walk on the beach!

Enjoy your summers! Are you working? I am! But I get a few weeks off! Woo hoo!

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Speechie Freebies: Better Speech and Hearing Month Bookmarks!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Buzz Buzzz Buzzz Buzzzzzzzzz..........

I am one of the new collaborators on the Speechie Freebies Blog!

Instructions on making my Free BHSM Bookmarks!

1. Print the bookmarks on colored cardstock, colored paper or plain white paper!

2. Cut the bookmarks out and fold them in half to make them double sided! One side has a communication quote and the other has a speech and language fact!

3. Grab a glue stick and dab some glue to keep them together.
This one is my favorite! "Coffee is a language in itself" Jackie Chan

4. Laminate if you like! I actually used book tape for mine because I wanted to save on lamination. It worked out really well!

5. Use ribbon or yarn to add a tassel to the end of your bookmark. Want to get fancy? Add some beads too!

6. Hand them out to teachers and parents! You could even have your students help you make these and they could pass them out to friends and family. We will all learn about better hearing and speech! 

P.S. I drew the artwork! It was fun!

Enjoy and come back next month for more freebies!

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The Fib Revealed!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hope you enjoyed our 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop! 

Here is my fib, revealed!!! 
A. FIB!! I have four freckles in my eye just like my mom. I only have 1 in my left eye, my mom has 4 or more in both eyes! 

B. Fact! My house is full of paintings and space stuff! My mom is a water color artist and my dad worked at Lockheed Martin for 33 years. 

C. Fact! My husband is a doomsday prepper and zombie fanatic! We call him Zombie Zach.  Loves all things zombies even before The Walking Dead became popular. We have a zombie shrine in our house and a garage full of apocalypse preparation gear. 

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