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Winter In SoCal Blog Hop and Freebies!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I am thrilled to be part of a blog hop with other Southern California Bloggers. I usually stick to my Speech Language Pathology groups, but branching out is fun. I enjoy collaborating with teachers as it reminds me to get into the classroom more!

This winter I mostly stayed home until.... 

The #MBSoCalMeetup! If you haven't joined a local TpT group, either go find or start your own ASAP! Why? You get to meet new TpT friends, we were also able to meet TpT staff that flew out from New York (even with the blizzard!) 

This was my 3rd TpT meet-up. It is great to see familiar faces as well as meet some new friends. Doesn't hurt to leave with prizes and TpT swag! ❤️

Here are some pictures:
Me and my sister enjoying time together after the meet-up! 

FREEBIE! Seeing as I live in Southern California and with the ever popular Frozen, I made a freebie about what snowmen do in summer!

It includes a sheet for students to imagine what their snowman would do in the summer time.As well as some questions for discussion with your class. The great thing about this freebie is you can use it in Winter or Summer!!

This short packet also includes an idea page for 2 books you could purchase: 
A Day In the Sun
(Also available for Kindle for 1.99). 
Don't have $$$ for books? Search youtube for "In Summer" or purchase the song from the Frozen soundtrack. Read the lyrics with your groups and brainstorm things snowmen can do in summer! 

Click below to snag the winter freebie! 

Queen's Speech & A Grace Filled Classroom!!!!

Hop on over to the next blog A Grace Filled Classroom by click the button below! 
A Grace-Filled Classroom

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In 2016 I'll try...

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Frenzied SLPs wanted to share something we are willing try to make our work lives better this year! 

Lately I have been finding that I am not as prepared as I normally am. Not even with blogging!  Things are a mess in my office,  papers everywhere, missing plans, late on sessions! Trying to keep up is hard! 


I have always been the kind of person who needs to stay ridiculously busy! 

2016 will find me...
1. Full time Speech Language Pathologist  preschool-5th grade

2. Adjunct Professor for California State University of San Marcos! Something I thrilled to try out! 

3. Supervisor for a graduate intern two times a week 

4. Presenting at the California Speech, Language and Hearing Association Convention in April 

5. On the committee for revising the Clinical Severity Rating Scales for San Diego County 

6. Bridesmaid in April, Maid of Honor in October. 

7. Trip to Seattle in January!

8. TpT Meet Up in January and visiting my sister in LA 

9. Crocheting all of the yarn all of the time! This is a favorite past time of mine. 

Thus in an effort to be more prepared, I am keeping a better daily calendar. I want to set aside time to bundle blog posts and new TpT products. Honestly it will not be easy to keep up this year, so don't worry if I disappear for a while! I may just be working on other things!

Here is to a year of being prepared and finding balance! Cheers!


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