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Monster Sale!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

In honor of my new product The Voice Monsters I will be having a SALE! 2
0% off all of my Teachers Pay Teachers Products!

Click here to visit my store!

As always, I appreciate your support and use of my products! I hope you find them useful and fun!

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The Voice Monsters {Voice Therapy Techniques}

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I was searching TpT and I realized there are not many resources for Voice Therapy. I know not many people deal with voice disorders, but last year I had 3 students with nodules on my caseload! Thus the inspiration for:


Targets: Voice Therapy Techniques, specific to vocal nodules (Yawn-Sigh, Resonant Voice Therapy). Others are mentioned as well!

Ages: 4+

Includes: 37 pages
Page 1 title, Page 2 Information, Page 3 Disclaimer
What is a Voice Disorder? (Page 4)= Monsters discuss what a voice disorder is and what causes them.

Monster’s Tips for Vocal Hygiene (Pages 5-6) Monsters explain ways to help your voice. 
Tired Monsters “Yawn-Sigh” Technique (Pages 7-20) Description of “yawn-sigh” technique. Hierarchy of vowels, words, and sentences. Plus blank cards to make your own sentences.(79 cards total)

Many Monsters use a “Buzzy Voice” technique (Pages 20-30) Description of “buzzy voice” technique. Hierarchy of CV-CV practice, phrases and sentences. (59 cards total) Tip: This task could also be used for articulation of /m,n/ sounds.

Voice Monsters Quiz (Page 31) Pre/Post test to determine if you students remember 4 ways that can harm their voice and 4 ways to help their voice.
Be a Voice Detective (Page 32) Ask students to show the sad/happy face for a “good” vs “bad”: voices, techniques, or habits. Can they identify good versus bad habits?
Voice Thermometer (Page 33) Visual aide to assist students in monitoring their own volume
Generic Monster Game Board (Page 34) use when practicing various voice techniques or other tasks.

Other (Page 35) References to some other techniques for voice therapy that you may want to check out!.
Terms of Use and Credits (Page 36-37)

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Product Review: Race to the Princess Language Game!

What Did You Do? Wednesday
This week I am reviewing a great new product created by, Figurately Speeching SLP

Click on the image to find it in her TpT Store 

 What is included? 
  • There is a very sizable game board, print multiples and each student can race to the top to rescue the princess! She has a smaller version of the board game available for free HERE.
  • Look at the description! You can see there are multiple different language tasks in one packet. I specifically like this product because I have many students working on their semantic skills! This is a great packet to target vocabulary building in various different ways. I think working with groups this would be helpful because you can use the same game board, but target different tasks using the various cards included.
 Why do I LOVE this packet?
  • She included categories, functions,  descriptions, similarities/differences, rhyming and auditory memory tasks all in one packet! Talk about a bargain! Originally priced at $5.00 and on sale for $3.50! 
  • The graphics are adorable, I love the large game board. 
  • The cards are comprehensive, well thought out and organized. 
  • Here are some examples of each task:

    If you like this Race to the Princess Game, Figuratively Speeching SLP has other great products in her store. Check them out HERE Don't forget to follow her on TpT and Facebook!

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A Yummy Lesson About Safety~Guest Post

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 I would like to welcome The Dabbling Speechie as a guest blogger today! She is an ASHA certified school based SLP with a large caseload and two of her own kids at home. She is busy lady, who still finds time to dabble with her awesome blog! Check out this great post on using snacks and crafts to work on safety with SDC students! 

Make sure you like her Facebook Page and check out her TPT store for more activities!

I am happy to be over here at Queen’s Speech to share my fun interactive lesson that I prepared for my SDC students who are on the Autism spectrum.  It was great having Rachel over in my neck of the woods sharing her creative ideas about how to make and use your OWN bean bags!  Go check out her Bean Bag Brigade post.  It has lots of awesome pictures that will surely inspire you to make your own set.
The week before Spring Break, I brought both of my SDC classrooms together for a lesson on safety to teach the concepts stop/go and work on functional communication.  I have two autism classrooms at one of my sites that are K/1st and 2nd/3rd grades.  The challenge I have with these students is finding what motivates them to independently communicate.  Some of my students use PECS books to communicate, others are using simple sentences, but need prompts (i.e. withholding items, visual sentence strips) to initiate communication.  I also have a couple of students who are very verbal and are working on the social aspects of communication such as not shouting out, correctly answer questions when asked, and appropriately interacting with peers during play or academic activities. I have brought in EVERYTHING to try and find something they will light up about.  Let’s just say they are a tough crowd because there is always one student that isn’t interested in my activities. 

I found this great snack to make called “Stop Lights” on pinterest.  I love that it is simple, easy to prep and cost effective.  You can get the directions for this snack HERE.  I made a visual poster for my students who need visual supports for communication.  You can access that poster HERE.  Before we started making the snack, we worked on sequencing the steps for making the snack.  I used visuals to show the verbs “take out”, “open”, “dip”, “spread”, “put” and “eat” for each step of the process.  I then had students request what they needed first patiently waiting for them to initiate communication with me.  I tried to have them make verbal comments about what they were doing such as “I’m spreading frosting.”  I also broke the graham crackers in half, so they would have to request again if they wanted another “stop light”.  This increased the opportunity to communicate because they had to request everything a second time.  There are 6 steps for the snack, so that means they had to request at least 12 times!  It was a great day because ALL my kids were motivated to see me and interactive with me. 

After the snack, we played Red Light, Green Light working on the concepts “stop” and “go”.  You can also work on “slow” for yellow if your kids understand that concept.  This is a great lesson to also work on lining up and waiting for the person to call the command.  I love that you can play this game outside in the sunshine.  You can also play this game where the students get to take turns being the caller.  You could make a social story or review the expected behaviors for playing this game to work on winning/losing, waiting until the command is called and following other people’s directions.  After the lesson, I realized I could have incorporated some children’s books about traffic and safety.  I looked up some books on amazon that you may want to purchase to add to this lesson.

This would be a great lesson to add to your “transportation” or “safety” units.  I think this would also be a great activity for your little preschool and kindergarten crowds especially your phonology kiddos who are working on cluster reduction and fronting.  I hope you found this activity to be helpful.  You can find me at The Dabbling Speechie for more ideas and resources.  Go ‘like’ my Facebook Page to get updates on sales, giveaways and new posts.  You can also check out my TPT store for more activities for your students.

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Marvelous Monday Giveaway!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling the love from the blogging world right now!

Decided to do a giveaway on my best seller The SLP Objective Binder: click here to read blog post or click here to see it on TpT (will also include the companion).

I started this blog during a rough time in my school year. The support from all of you has been so uplifting. Thank you! I am rather new to this whole world; I started my TpT store February 10th! I want to make sure I continue to give back and share with all of you.

Thank you for reading this, sharing ideas and supporting my products/practice.

Here is my Marvelous Monday Giveaway(maybe this should be weekly!?) I will pick 2 winners Wednesday morning at 9am Pacific.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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App Review- Multiple Meaning Words App

I went to CSHA two weeks ago and met the people who work at Virtual Speech Center! They allowed me to review an app of my choice. I was choose Multiple Meanings Library available for 12.99 in the app store. I am always looking for more resources for multiple meaning words.  Many of my students need to work on their skills in this area.
When you press the "start" button you are able to input multiple students names. Then are able to choose one student or multiples for taking turns. 
When you select a student you are lead to this screen.
  • PRO: nice long list of 122 multiple meaning words! Also gives the options to target specific word. For example: if a student has mastered words, you can take them out, or you can target a specific set until mastery and move on.
  •  CON: You must complete this for each student you input, which can be time consuming to start.
  • PRO: Multiple options for practice including: 
    • Auditory Bombardment
    •  Picture Identification
    •  Definitions,
    • Fill-in 
    • Make up Sentences (audio recording feature)
  • CON: Again, you have to pick the specifics for every student. Which can be great! However you have to plan to set it up first!
 Most practice pages look like this, you can specify in setting to automatically turn page. However it was nice to turn that feature off so you have time to teach/review alongside the app!
  • PRO: Realistic pictures, professional voice recording! I like the option to record the students responses! Makes data tracking easier. Also has a button for SLP to record correct/incorrect on the making up sentences. This app also has a record at the end, which reports % accuracy and can be e-mailed!
  • CON: If students are in a group and taking turns, it often repeats the same word for the next student. Thus, validity is compromised! Students also became tired of hearing the same words. 
  • PRO: With this many different options for practice, it can be used to just listen to all the words (auditory bombardment), decide the meaning, make sentences up! 
  • CON: My students grew tired of this very quickly. The app reads the words, definitions, sentences. That is it, no games, no animation. It is rather simple (which for some can be a pro) but after a few words the monotony became too much for my 4th graders. I think using this alongside token economy or game board would make this more fun! 

Overall Royal Treatment: Favorite part is the long list of words! Very extensive and if you are tired of using card packs this is another option. Great for data tracking, voice recording, and varied levels of mastery. Beware-it is not the most entertaining app out there, but it does what it says...a library of multiple meaning words!
I was given the app for free, but receive no other compensation.  
These opinions in this review are my own.

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We Give Books!

Friday, March 22, 2013

If you have not heard of go sign up now, right NOW!'s awesome!

I cannot remember how I ended up hearing about this website. What is it? FREE online books. For traveling SLPs this would be a great resource. All you need is a computer and internet connection.
Between MARCH 19th-APRIL 5th if you read books online your school can qualify to receive real free books! You have to read at least 25 books as a school to qualify. Encourage other teachers to sign up at your school, as all the books read at your school online go into the same "pot" and count toward MORE free books!
I use this on my big iMac desktop, and click the full screen. I dim the lights a bit and we read together in therapy sessions. It's awesome and the kids really like it. Easier to see than real books, we sit theater style. 

You can search for specific books! Today I searched "bunny" and we decided to read "Bunny Cakes" It was a good read! 

If your school uses Accelerated Reader-you can even find out if the books on have an AR test here:

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March 2013 SLP Link Up!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I decided to participate in my first SLP link up ever. Would you like to participate? All the instructions can be found here: Oh, How Pintearesting!

State of Mind: 
  • Currently is hopeful! I have been so busy the last few months! Crazy busy at work, planning a wedding and started my Teachers pay Teachers Store! I am hopeful that with 2 weeks off for spring break and a less busy work life will help me relax a bit. 

  • All the support and love from the Teachers Pay Teachers world! I have already met some great people, networking, supporting and sharing. Seriously, it has re inspired me and keep creating because it is what I love to do!

  • If you haven't yet enter our SLP Blog Hop (running through March 23). You will have a chance to win 12 awesome activities. One of which is from Word to the Wise Don't Let Grammar Bug You: Plurals, Past Tense Verbs and Conjunctions. Available for $5.00 and I am telling you it is worth every penny! I laminated it and I am currently cutting out all the adorable little cards and there are TONS of them! The content and graphics really couldn't be any better. Excited to begin using this when I get back after spring break.
  • Also prepping my WH Whale Questions 144 cards, Whale Die, worksheet, open ended game board, 6 posters and more! I love these whale graphics and they inspired me to make this project! I finally got around to printing it, and it's going to be a great extra support for working on WH questions.

PS I did my first guest post ever today over on The Dabbling Speechie! Thank you again for letting me post! I feel like it is such an honor to  do something like that from a more established blogger (especially one who was featured in TpT's newsletter this week! Congrats!) You can find my guest post here: Beanbag Brigade

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What Did You Do? Wednesday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am attempting to get on a blog schedule, so I decided I would start "What did you do?" Wednesdays! I will try to post every Wednesday with pictures of what I did in therapy.

A student of mine has to wear an eye patch to strengthen one of her eyes. Guess what? In first grade I did too! I wanted to help her feel a bit more normal,  so I showed her how I used to wear mine (hers is much fancier now that technology makes one use patches).  I think it made her feel better and hopefully more motivated to wear the patch!

I finally got around to playing my Who Are You? {Describing Game} with my preschoolers. They loved it and the bright colors of the graphics made it fun!

Last but not least, it was the first day of Spring/The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day! I pulled out my Spanish and English versions of the book. Some of my worksheet pages, my stickers, and die cuts. We had fun welcoming Spring in the Speech Room! 

Share what fun thing you did today! 

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SLP Spring Fever Blog Hop!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to the SLP Spring Fever Blog Hop!
You will get the chance to win prizes and get freebies by touring 12 fantastic blogs!
Here is the lineup:
12. SLP for Me – guest posting on Figuratively Speeching SLP

12 WINNERS will receive a goodie basket of one Spring-themed activity from each participating blog owner/page owner in the blog hop. (12 activities total!)

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive the following in addition to the activities:

For information about the prize that I have contributed to the goodie basket:
 Hopping Down the Bunny Trail
Opposites, Prepositions, Game Board and more!
The rules of the contest are simple:
  • You must decode a secret message. 
  • In order to complete this task, you will need to visit each of the 12 blogs and download a freebie. 
  • The freebie will contain a word that is part of the code. 
  • When you enter the contest through Giveaway Tools on Figuratively Speeching SLP's blog, you will be asked to type in the secret code. Have fun and enjoy blog hopping with us! The contest will run from Sunday, March 17, 2013 through Saturday, March 23, 2013.

FREEBIE to find my secret word download:  
Snail Sentence Repetition!

Sentence Repetition Tasks are a great skills to practice! Sentence repetition skills are closely tied to expressive language abilities. Full version of this activity will be out this week! Check back soon!

To hop on over to the next blog click on the frog!
Enjoy reading through the blogs, downloading the freebies, and participating in our Blog Hop! Good luck everyone!

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It's Your Lucky Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


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WH-Whale Questions {Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How}

Monday, March 11, 2013

Do your students know how to ASK and ANSWER WH questions? 
Do they need more practice? 
This is a comprehensive WH- Question Pack that will target the following:

 Only $2.50--Click the image to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Targets: receptive/expressive language, WH- Questions
 (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How)

Ages: 6+

Includes: 39 pages (not all pages shown on the thumbnail it wouldn't fit!)=
Page 1 title, Page 2 Information
WH Definition Pages (Pages 3-8)= 6 pages, each defines a WH question (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How).
WH Definition Matching Cards (pages 9-10)=Use these cards to have students match the WH question to what it asks.
WH Question Cards (pages 11-34)= Open and Close-Ended Questions= 24 Who, 24 What, 24 Where, 24 When, 24 Why, 24 How cards= 144 cards total
WH Quiz (page 35)= students draw a line from the WH question to it’s meaning. Then must pick two WH words and formulate their own questions.
WH Question Die (page 36)= use this WH Question Die alone to have students formulate questions, and then practice answering their own questions. Use WH Question Cards, Whale Generic Game Board and WH Question Die together to play a game!
Whale Generic Game Board (page 37) = use this in conjunction with WH question Cards, die or any other skill you want to target.
Page 38 terms of use, Page 39 credits page.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of my new product!

Just for fun I will be giving away a copy of my WH Whale Questions!
Raffle ends Friday March 15th at 8pm!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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CSHA Convention NEW Material Review Part 1

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I seriously enjoy attending the California Speech-Language, Hearing, Association (CSHA) convention every year. I get re-inspired every time I attend and I remember all the reasons why I love our field. I like it even better when companies provide discounts at the convention! Hello new materials!

Thanks to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I do not feel so guilty buying products anymore! 
I plan on reviewing everything I got AND I made some new friends that may help me with app reviews! 
1) English For Beginners Flashcards- Usborne Books product, Price $9.99 
  • Over 200 words! They are double sided and have great colorful pictures for early vocabulary development.
  • Just look at the clothing pictures; if you flip them over there are more clothing items. 
  • Includes: transportation, places, weather, family, body parts, food, common household items and more! I can already tell I am going to be using these often.
  • Uses: labeling, categorizing, sentence building, matching, opposites
2) You are a Social Detective- Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke, Price, $20.00
  • Where do I start? Pamela Crooke was a assessment supervisor at my university back in 2008 and we had the pleasure of sitting with Pam and Michelle on our flight to Lousiana. Michelle is a GREAT speaker, if you ever get the chance to see her, do it! 
  • Michelle's seminars are usually totally packed, get there early!
  • Social Thinking will blow your mind, and her perspectives/tips/tricks will help greatly with students with pragmatic deficits.
  • I have been waiting to buy this book for a while, it has received many, many awards. 
  • It is like having a big book of social stories. I love that it teaches our students to be "detectives" and search out what they are/are not supposed to be doing to become a social thinker! 
  • Gives students tools to figure out what to do in certain social situations. Examples: Listening with our eyes and our brains! (I could do a whole post just on Michelle's work!)
3) Kimochis- They have updated their website since I last visited. It's adorable! Prices vary depending on what you want! I bought a new pack of feelings for 11.99. 
  • I own Huggtopus, I have had her for a year and just love her! She is overly friendly and invades people's space. People get mad when she invades their space, then she is sad and confused. She has to learn that it is not the best thing to be hugging everyone all the time!
  • With my younger students with pragmatic needs this is a great tool for role playing and perspective taking. 
  • Let's just take a look at how cute she is!  

 4)  Usborne Phonics Readers-Ted and Friends- Price $19.99
  • Great way to target specific phonemes and phonic patterns!
  • Includes 12 books that target specific word families 
  • Also includes a CD that will read the stories aloud! 
  • I took a picture of a Frog on a Log! Great for /fr/ blends, final /g/, and there are 12 stories like this.
  • The pages fold out, which was hard to take a picture of. 
  • There is also a hidden duck on each page of this BIG book of stories, practice prepositions. Where is the duck? 
More reviews to come!

*NOTE: I receive NO compensation for these reviews and I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I bought these products with my own money, love them and wanted to share the reasons why with all of you!  

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Celebration Sale!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Teachers pay Teachers store has been open 1 month! 

Starting March 9-10 ALL my products will by 15% off. A big thanks to all of you who have purchased and used my products, who have followed me on Facebook and read my blog! Enjoy the full two days of the SALE!

I will be at the California Speech-Language and Hearing Association Convention for the next four days. Look for more new products soon!

To show you how much I love your support, I am GIVING AWAY a copy of my SHAMROCK SEMANTICS! Raffle ends Sunday night 8pm pacific! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Who Are You? Animal and Insect Edition

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Product! CURRENTLY FREE UNTIL 8:00 PM MARCH 4th! Thank you for all the likes!
Now how fast can we get to 300? I will offer another freebie! Like  my facebook page

 Who Are You? A fun guessing game targeting receptive language, expressive language and semantics! 


 Targets: receptive language, expressive language, and semantics!

All graphics property of

Ages: 3+

Includes: 22 pages (not all pages shown on the thumbnail it wouldn't fit!)=
Page 1 title, Page 2 Information
Receptive Language skills (pages 3-6)= 20 animal cards. SLP or students may lead (you decide), Use the green animal cards to target receptive language! Read each clue to students and wait. See how many clues it takes for them to guess the animal!
Expressive Language and Semantics (pages7-14): use the pink and blue cards to have students come up with descriptions and lead the game themselves. Have students think of a word for each category and let the group guess. This will expand students descriptive vocabulary skills
Bingo Cards (pages15-19): use the receptive/expressive/semantics cards to play bingo!
Descriptive Mat (page 20) :To practice how to describe the animal as a group, place a pink animal card in the middle, as a group talk about the features of that animal! 

Multiple ways to play! SLP lead with green cards, student lead with blue cards, or work at as a group with pink cards and the descriptive mat!

Include 5 different BINGO cards! 

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