The Voice Monsters {Voice Therapy Techniques}

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I was searching TpT and I realized there are not many resources for Voice Therapy. I know not many people deal with voice disorders, but last year I had 3 students with nodules on my caseload! Thus the inspiration for:


Targets: Voice Therapy Techniques, specific to vocal nodules (Yawn-Sigh, Resonant Voice Therapy). Others are mentioned as well!

Ages: 4+

Includes: 37 pages
Page 1 title, Page 2 Information, Page 3 Disclaimer
What is a Voice Disorder? (Page 4)= Monsters discuss what a voice disorder is and what causes them.

Monster’s Tips for Vocal Hygiene (Pages 5-6) Monsters explain ways to help your voice. 
Tired Monsters “Yawn-Sigh” Technique (Pages 7-20) Description of “yawn-sigh” technique. Hierarchy of vowels, words, and sentences. Plus blank cards to make your own sentences.(79 cards total)

Many Monsters use a “Buzzy Voice” technique (Pages 20-30) Description of “buzzy voice” technique. Hierarchy of CV-CV practice, phrases and sentences. (59 cards total) Tip: This task could also be used for articulation of /m,n/ sounds.

Voice Monsters Quiz (Page 31) Pre/Post test to determine if you students remember 4 ways that can harm their voice and 4 ways to help their voice.
Be a Voice Detective (Page 32) Ask students to show the sad/happy face for a “good” vs “bad”: voices, techniques, or habits. Can they identify good versus bad habits?
Voice Thermometer (Page 33) Visual aide to assist students in monitoring their own volume
Generic Monster Game Board (Page 34) use when practicing various voice techniques or other tasks.

Other (Page 35) References to some other techniques for voice therapy that you may want to check out!.
Terms of Use and Credits (Page 36-37)

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7 Responses to “The Voice Monsters {Voice Therapy Techniques}”

  1. Adorable!!!! I haven't had a voice kiddo since my CFY.... but if I ever have one again, I'll totally want this!!!

  2. Thank you CC! In my CFY I had 3 with voice disorders!! Now I only have one. I have been attending seminars, reading and practicing the last 3 years, so I figured I should share the knowledge and things I have been working on! :)

  3. Thanks for the great product, I'm looking forward to using it for my one voice client (I'm a CFY! I feel like part of the club). I'm excited to use it with a fun monster app! Thought I'd share it with you for the great new material you shared:

    Thanks! Keep the great posts coming!

  4. This looks amazing, how do we download it?

  5. Hi I have vocal nodules and would like to know if along with this I should seek vocal therapy or if this is enough?

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