CSHA Convention NEW Material Review Part 1

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I seriously enjoy attending the California Speech-Language, Hearing, Association (CSHA) convention every year. I get re-inspired every time I attend and I remember all the reasons why I love our field. I like it even better when companies provide discounts at the convention! Hello new materials!

Thanks to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I do not feel so guilty buying products anymore! 
I plan on reviewing everything I got AND I made some new friends that may help me with app reviews! 
1) English For Beginners Flashcards- Usborne Books product, Price $9.99 
  • Over 200 words! They are double sided and have great colorful pictures for early vocabulary development.
  • Just look at the clothing pictures; if you flip them over there are more clothing items. 
  • Includes: transportation, places, weather, family, body parts, food, common household items and more! I can already tell I am going to be using these often.
  • Uses: labeling, categorizing, sentence building, matching, opposites
2) You are a Social Detective- Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke, Price, $20.00
  • Where do I start? Pamela Crooke was a assessment supervisor at my university back in 2008 and we had the pleasure of sitting with Pam and Michelle on our flight to Lousiana. Michelle is a GREAT speaker, if you ever get the chance to see her, do it! 
  • Michelle's seminars are usually totally packed, get there early!
  • Social Thinking will blow your mind, and her perspectives/tips/tricks will help greatly with students with pragmatic deficits.
  • I have been waiting to buy this book for a while, it has received many, many awards. 
  • It is like having a big book of social stories. I love that it teaches our students to be "detectives" and search out what they are/are not supposed to be doing to become a social thinker! 
  • Gives students tools to figure out what to do in certain social situations. Examples: Listening with our eyes and our brains! (I could do a whole post just on Michelle's work!)
3) Kimochis- They have updated their website since I last visited. It's adorable! Prices vary depending on what you want! I bought a new pack of feelings for 11.99. 
  • I own Huggtopus, I have had her for a year and just love her! She is overly friendly and invades people's space. People get mad when she invades their space, then she is sad and confused. She has to learn that it is not the best thing to be hugging everyone all the time!
  • With my younger students with pragmatic needs this is a great tool for role playing and perspective taking. 
  • Let's just take a look at how cute she is!  

 4)  Usborne Phonics Readers-Ted and Friends- Price $19.99
  • Great way to target specific phonemes and phonic patterns!
  • Includes 12 books that target specific word families 
  • Also includes a CD that will read the stories aloud! 
  • I took a picture of a Frog on a Log! Great for /fr/ blends, final /g/, and there are 12 stories like this.
  • The pages fold out, which was hard to take a picture of. 
  • There is also a hidden duck on each page of this BIG book of stories, practice prepositions. Where is the duck? 
More reviews to come!

*NOTE: I receive NO compensation for these reviews and I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I bought these products with my own money, love them and wanted to share the reasons why with all of you!  

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  1. LOVE anything Michelle Garcia winner!!! :) Thanks for the post!