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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do you have students who attempt to formulate questions, but put the verbs in the wrong place? (e.g. I can have a pencil?) This will assist students in learning the appropriate placement in a sentence for helping verbs/question verbs. Will also show them the pattern of a question versus a statement. Hooray!

Targets: Formulating questions and statements using helping verbs! {expressive language, syntax}. Currently $3.50 in my store!

Ages: Students must be readers! This was created for students grades 3-8.

What is included:
--Title Page 1, Table of Contents/Information Page 2
--Information and Examples (Page 3)= includes a basic definition of question words and helping verbs with examples.
--Levels of Difficulty & Sorting Mats (Page 4)=The top of the page explains the hierarchy for sorting the questions/statements and bottom includes sorting mats.
--Set 1-Question Sorting Cards (Pages 5-20)= 64 questions to sort into the correct order.
--Set 2-Statement Sorting Cards (Pages 21-36)= 64 statements to sort into the correct order.

YES you read that right 148 questions/statements all together! Lots of practice!!

--Pre/Post Quiz (Page 38)= Use this page to monitor progress before and after teaching this lesson.
--Helping Verbs Dice (Page 39-41)= use the Helping Verbs Dice alone to have students formulate questions, and then practice answering their own questions by making a statement. Also use with the Magic Game Board!

--Magic Game Board (Page 42) = use this in conjunction with Helping Verbs Dice or any other skill you want to target.
--Other tips: Combine Set 1 and Set 2. Give students 10 cards and have them formulate one question and one statement. See if they can accurately do both!
--Terms of Use Page 43, Credits Page 44

I think this is seriously going to help my students who have a hard time formulating questions! I cannot wait to use it myself!

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