Winter Olympic Day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I am an Olympic junky! If I could I would have them on TV 24/7! It doesn't even matter the sport! I talked with my students about the Olympics and found out that many of them did not know what they were! So we did some trivia games and learned about the Olympics.

I did a search for some Olympic TpT Activities and found some great ones!
Language Winter Sports by Speech Room News 
This is a great product! Only 4.50 and includes WH questions (great to start with if they don't know much about the Olympics), Multiple Meaning words, vocabulary, and verb tenses! 

 Sochi Winter Olympics Games by 3rd Grade Life
This is targeted for older students. Includes make your own flag, where are the Olympics? Motto of the Olympics, word search, cross word, and list of sports and writing task for each one! 

A little book that is perfect for introducing the Olympics to younger students! Talks about the sports and has students color and talk about them all!

I found a freebie for medals! We played a game and at the end everyone took home a medal. For the medals visit  It's free!!! 
I made Olympic rings out of paper plates and the kids LOVED this! We hadn't played something where they got to get up a MOVE!
  • Quickly water colored the plates, I am talking 2 mins and done!! Really water down the paint, just takes a splash!
  •  I stapled the rings together and then held them up with strong magnets. 
  • Bean bags could be used if you have small ones, I used regular crayola markers! The students had 3 turns to throw the markers after answering a question. I later used ribbon and moved the rings to an easier place that was higher up. 
  • I keep track of score with an app called Score Keeper XL. It's free and the students enjoy the noise and how their name moves up if they are in first place
Hope this inspires you to get up move and learn about the Olympics! 

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