A Frenzy of a Month!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy belated New Year to all of you! It' been over a month since I last posted or even made a product for that matter. The New Year has already been full of excitement and frankly a bit overwhelming at times! So here are 10 speech and non-speech related items that have happened in the last 3 weeks!

1. I have a puppy! Many of you already know from my posts on facebook, but she is just my favorite thing! Her name is Bindi, she is a Jack Russell Terrier and a totally snuggle bug!

2. My husband had to have emergency tooth surgery, which made for a fun New Year's Day! Yikes! Luckily he is okay, but not a great way to start the new year!

3. I bought a new car! I have been driving a 1999 Honda around forever. We recently got into a hit and run accident and our poor car was damaged pretty bad! Lucky for us this means a new car. Now I have one big enough for the dog and all my speech stuff that I drag around.
4. I enjoyed a whole week of visiting with my parents, my sister and extended family. I slept in, crocheted, watched tv, played with the puppy and just relaxed. It was amazing to have a whole week without looming reports, IEPs or products.

5. I found out I will have a student teacher starting this Tuesday! I have never had one before and I am excited about the opportunity! Any tips? I would love any, please leave them in comments below!

6. I presented my Objective Binder and a new screening document to the entire staff...by myself! Hoping it was successful.

7.  I happened to stock up on lots of clipart and I am hoping to find some time to make lots of new products in the new year.

8. I have already had one IEP a day on average this year. Last week alone I have 4 initial IEPs and 1 annual. Told ya, one. a. day. So it's been difficult to find time to do anything but work!

9. I made a personal resolution to be more thankful, happy and less stressed. Positivity is key, but at times can be hard to do (especially when overworked).

10. FRENZY!!! We will be having yet another Facebook Frenzy January 24-27th and there will be 22 SLPs participating in giving away Winter and Valentine products for free! So stop by our pages to grab yours!

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5 Responses to “A Frenzy of a Month!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the old car. Glad you got yourself a new ride in time, though I'd imagine how much of a hassle it would have been to be saddled with a ruin, and the proposition of having to find suitable parts for what's been lost. In any case, drive safe! Here's to more mileage.

    Olga @ AA Auto

  2. It's great that you escaped being injured from the accident, moreso with what happened to your car. If there's a silver lining to all this, it is that you've bought a new car which is presumably better than the one that got banged up. Having a pleasant experience during car shopping surely takes the mind away from the accident. Happy driving!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai

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