Grand Finale of my 1 Year Bloggy Birthday!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My last day of my week long celebration! Thank you for stopping by everyday this week to enter!

I honestly cannot believe how fast this last year has gone. To think my first blog post was over a year ago?? Now I have people that actually buy things I make? (and like them!?) It's so cool! I have met so many fantastic SLPs through this process (cannot wait to meet all of you!!).
 Honestly this blog what I needed to stay motivated, up to date and have fun again! Often we can get so bogged down in the paperwork and yucky stuff about our job. I enjoy creating it reminds me to lighten up and not be so serious. Getting crafty can really change your mindset. Here is to another year of creating! CHEERS!
Grand Prize: What Am I Bundle?, Pronoun Bundle, Objective Binder and $10 TpT giftcard!
Second Prize: What Am I? Bundle
Third Prize: What am I? Christmas Edition and Pronoun Christmas!

Good luck!

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14 Responses to “Grand Finale of my 1 Year Bloggy Birthday! ”

  1. I like the Snail Sentences (long version), and thank you for making some of your products 'printer friendly', like the objectives binder.

  2. I LOVE the objectives binder...I actually have them posted in my speech room and my supervisor commented on them in my most recent observation! Thanks Rachel!!

  3. It's hard to pick one favorite of your many items I have purchased. But the one I have been using this past week is "What am I-Christmas Edition". My students have been enjoying this game - they don't even realize they are working on improving their vocabulary and expressive and receptive language skills. Good Job! Waiting to see what you come up with next.

  4. I purchased your What am I? Christmas last week & have used it every day this week. My preschoolers loved it & I found that most of them didn't know the names for wreath, ornament, & carolers. When I told them how one night strangers knocked on my door & sang Christmas songs to me & my family, they were totally amazed. Thank you for helping open up some great discussions!

  5. Just like Jennifer, I have also purchased the objectives binder and love it! It will be something that I will be incorporating year after year!

  6. I don't own any of your products but I'm always looking for book companions and materials for upper elementary (and older)students.

  7. I love your multiple meanings packet!

  8. I love you objectives binder! It is so great for many things, plus I am partial to it because it is one of the first things I bought from you and I knew you were a seller to follow! Especially when I got my custom pages!

  9. I love your Christmas inferencing product...I wish I would've bought the big bundle that I had on my wishlist for Cyber Monday, but I was feeling the pain of Christmas shopping so I just choose one!

  10. I really like the objective binder! Just wondering if it is hooked to the common core standards for specific grades?

  11. I have a number of your products and I like all of them. This "improvement request" could apply to all. It's picky, I know, but I really like it when anything that needs to be cut out -- cards, etc -- are straight lines and are connected by one thick line. I use a paper cutter and it's so much easier to cut if the lines on the cards, etc. are straight and it doesn't take too many cuts to get them completed. Hope this makes sense! Other than that, I really like all the products I have purchased! Thanks!

  12. I haven't bought any of your products yet, but the objective binder looks like a great resource. I've added it to my wish list!