Happy New Year! oh, it's not January?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

If you are a school based SLP you probably live your life like me, by school year. When everyone else in the world celebrates the start of a new year in January, educators are still working on goals they set in August/September. Am I right? In celebration of "our" Happy New Year I like to try to set personal and work related goals for the year. 
1. Plan ahead, seriously this time!  This is the first year I was not given a new assignment at work! I get to stay at my school and with my coworkers, so the year should be easy right?  Wrong. I am a clinical supervisor this year and we have a brand new IEP system. I need to manage my time well and get an early start on every single IEP. We were given a measly half day training on the new system, if that gives you any indication on how well I am doing with it right about now....

2. Enjoy my work. I get very wrapped up in panicked thinking, "OMG another initial!? I can't make it! Progress reports? I don't have time!!!!" What I need to realize (and I think every other SLP) is that I somehow manage to get everything done on time. Instead of wasting my energy on worrying, huffing puffing, sighing and pulling my hair out;  I need to realize in the end I actually really like my job. Note to self: Look at the bigger picture, am I doing what is best for the students? Are they making progress? Am I having fun? Yes.

3. Read. This is a non-speech related goal. I miss reading. I get stuck coming home and turning on the TV. This might be a "big fat hairy audacious goal" AKA B.H.A.G. (what our leadership team at school calls goals), but I want to try to read 1 book a month and blog when I am done to keep myself accountable!
4. Craft again. This is another non-speech related goal. You may not know this about me, but I used to have a blog for my crafts. Since beginning TpT I have not made any crafts (other than wedding crafts, those don't count) and I miss it.
5. Smile. This one will get me through anything. I just need to remember to do it. :)

What are your big fat hairy audacious goals for the new year?

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10 Responses to “Happy New Year! oh, it's not January? ”

  1. 1. Work smart instead of work hard.
    2. Remember the impact I have on students' lives, not just the ones on my caseload.
    3. Work smart instead of work hard.
    4. Smile whenever I don't feel like it
    5. Don't make to-do lists - whenever I look at one, it just makes me feel overwhelmed. Instead, I have 2 places to put work to be done that is not IEPs. Since I hate a messy desk and refuse to leave work until I can see the top, the piles will work better than a list, LOL

    1. Deidra I love your no to-do lists. That is what gets me in "ack I cannot do all this!!!!" mode. I find that piles are so much happier! I brought a pile home to do tomorrow. need to get ahead before starting with kids Tuesday!!

    2. I mean to write Deidre haha one of my best friends is Deidra, I am used to typing her name! :)

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