Do I hear a ghost?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's here! The Halloween Edition of What Am I? {A Describing Game} Hooray! I LOVE playing these with all my students. Anything with the word "BINGO" in it is pretty much golden. 

Available in my store for only $2.50

Targets:A fun guessing game targeting receptive language, expressive language, and semantics!

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Ages: 3+
Includes: 22 pages (not all pages shown on the thumbnail it wouldn't fit!)=

Page 1 title, Page 2 Information
Receptive Language skills (pages 3-6)= 20 halloween vocabulary cards. SLP or students may lead (you decide). Use the black vocabulary cards to target receptive language! Read each clue to students and wait. See how many clues it takes for them to guess the object. If this is difficult for the students, place all the big black picture cards on the table, so the students can guess based on the pictures available.

Expressive Language and Semantics (pages7-14): use the orange cards to have students come up with descriptions and lead the game themselves. Have students think of a word for each category and let the group guess. This will expand students descriptive vocabulary skills

Bingo Cards (pages15-19): use the receptive/expressive/semantics cards to play bingo!

Descriptive Mat (page 20): To practice how to describe the object as a group, place a red picture card in the middle, as a group talk about the attributes of that object!

Want another fun way to play? 
I included a spooky Halloween Twist on the usual game! All you need is a flashlight! Purchase to find out how to play! 
NOW FOR A GIVEAWAY! Chance to win 2 copies!

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6 Responses to “Do I hear a ghost? ”

  1. I Lava lava your posts and fun thpeech thtuff! :) Aloha from the Big Island!

  2. Unrelated to the post, I LOOOOOVE the blog design!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I love it too!! I forgot to tell you I updated it! :)

  3. This is super cute. I have a lot of K/1/2nd graders who need the basic vocab review and they all LOVE bingo!

    1. K/1/2 kiddos LOVE bingo, I am pretty sure they will never ever tire of it! I am having so much fun making this series. :) Will bundle soon!