TpT Tuesday- Straight Up Speech

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today's TpT product comes from Jenn Bell of Straight Up Speech

Jenn is a fabulous SLP from Indiana who works in outpatient pediatric rehab. The road to becoming an SLP has taken her a few years.  She is now happy to officially have those letters, CCC-SLP after her name! So exciting! 

The product that she has let me review for all of you involves Quantitative Concepts 0-10 and Making Comparisons. I can relate to this, especially when giving the CELF-4. Many of my students need work in this area, so I am thrilled to review this product! 

What's included: 
• Gumballs in Gumball Machines 0-10, both with and without numbers.
• Numbers 0 through 10 (with numerals and words) This is great that she gives you the option for numbers or not and then has cards with both the number and the word spelled out. Great for developing math sense!

• Goldfish in Fishbowls 0-10, both with and without numbers
• Fingers on Hands 0-10, both with and without numbers
              Can I just tell everyone, these goldfish are SO CUTE. Anything involved sea creatures and I am there. Love it! 

• Comparison cards (more, most, few, many)- this is a great skill to practice with these cards! You can go over the counting skills, then you can compare using the cards which one has more, most, least, etc.
• Cover Cards for each deck are so helpful in keeping things organized! Here is an example of one  of the decks: 

Jenn even included ideas for activities:
•Receptive Activity – Ask students to point to picture representing each quantity (Ex: Point to the fishbowl with 2 fish.) This is great for developing following directions skills!
•Expressive Activity – Ask students to identify how many items are represented in each picture (Ex: How many fingers do you see?)
•Comparison Activity – Use selected cards to allow students to identify concepts including few, more, most, many (Ex: Of these three fishbowls, which one has the most goldfish?)
•Matching Activity – Match numbers/word cards to correct number of items in each picture. Love this idea, print out two sets and use the cards to develop more quantitative skills!

Why I think this is a great buy:
Only $3.00 and it gets you tons of use! Includes all three decks of cards, number cards and so many options for practice. The graphics are adorable and the directions are clearly written! I am sure if you add this to your resources you will not be sorry! 

Love this and want to win it!? Straight Up Speech is giving two copies away! Hop over to her blog HERE and enter to win!

Also don't forget to check out Straight Up Speech's 

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