TpT Tuesday? What?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okay, to be honest no TpT Tuesday this week (back to regular schedule next week). Why? This is how I feel....

 Anyone with me in feeling a little well, pooped?

A radio station I listen to recently had a morning segment where they asked moms and dads to call in and explain what they were doing to "Just get to the finish line" with school!  

1. Some of the things parents shared were hilarious, from carpool not working out, so the kids didn't go to school, to "oh darn, your gym clothes are dirty? Wear them anyway I'm too tired."
2. I WISH I could have called in with things I feel like I have been doing....but that doesn't sound all that good coming from an educator now does it?

I don't cut corners when it comes to work, it's just not in my nature. However, when I get home things have been a bit of a mess! Laundry, dishes, watering my plants (oops), forgetting appointments, to planning my wedding! 

Needless to say, I think I can speak for a few SLPs out there who are ready for summer vacation! We need a little bit of a brain break!! Speaking of brain breaks...have you ever searched pinterest for "Brain Break" lots of cute ideas, click here.

Thanks for continuing to read, I have posts already planned for next week! Back to my regular schedule. Also starting NEW products (finally!) 
See you soon!

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