Teachers Pay Teachers Tuesday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time for a new blog schedule! I am going to do my best to review a TpT product on Tuesdays, show you some therapy ideas on Wednesdays, and offer free/cheap resources on Friday. 
We will see if I can keep up! 

For my first TpT Tuesday I am reviewing: Super Strategies for Word Retrieval Deficits by the lovely, Figuratively Speeching SLP!

What it includes: -
--A poster describing word retrieval strategies.
--A poster describing visualization strategies.
--A Superhero open-ended game to use with any of the included cards, or any of your materials.
--Two puzzles (have students earn a piece for every two or three correct responses). Glue onto cardboard or poster board then cut apart.
--Blank cards for you to customize.
--Card sets for:
  • Associations (36 cards)
  • Visualizing/describing (36 cards)
  • Phonemic/semantic cues (24 cards)
  • Synonyms (18 cards)
  • Antonyms (18 cards) 
Why I think this is a great buy:
  • I love the strategy poster! This would be great to have up on my white board or for each student to read during the activity. For example: can the student visualize, use cues they are given, think of related words or opposites to help them retrieve a word. All good things to remind myself and my student of common strategies. 
  • Jess of Figuratively Speeching SLP really takes the time to think out each of her activities including activities for her strategies!
    • This one is my favorite for visualization. This reminds me of Expanding Expressions program only cuter and with more options for expressing with detail all in her own  unique way!! 

    • The cards after this poster target words that the student then visualizes! I love doing this with my students. We practice first without the strategies to see how little we come up with. Then use the poster as a cue and watch as whole descriptive paragraphs practically form themselves!
  • She also includes clue cards where the SLP or student reads the hints and see how long it takes everyone to guess what it is! 
  • Also really enjoy the antonyms/synonyms! I feel like I can never practice this skills enough with some of my students. Especially placing extra emphasis on the pronunciation of "synonym" is NOT the same as, "cinnamon".  ;)
  • Also included are puzzles, game board and blank pages. Sweet!
Overall: A great buy and on sale for $4.25 (normally $5.00) get it while you can. I enjoy Figuratively Speeching SLP's packets like this because they include multiple activities that target many goals. Makes running groups easier and you get more "bang for your buck"! Promise you will not regret buy this and you will be pulling it out often!

Love this? Check out Figuratively Speeching SLP's 
for more fun items!

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