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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lately book companions are all the rage on Teachers pay Teachers! Today I reviewing a brand new, super cute, extensive book companion by, Maureen of The Speech Bubble!  I really enjoy her blog because she often includes Evidence Based Practice (EBP)/references to back up her therapy. For example this post about her new companion Why Are Fairy Tales Important? Now onto the review!

First I must say I am slightly biased because I think The Little Red Hen is an adorable story with a great moral and my sister was The Little Red Hen in her school play. I have fond memories of watching her perform! 

What is included in this book companion:
  • Synonyms, Antonyms, Irregular Verbs, Rhyming Words, Verb Tenses, Context Clues, Story Sequencing, Story WH Comprehension Questions and Coloring Mats, Inferencing, Articulation, Little Red Hen Writing and Little Red Hen Pragmatics!
WOW! All of that squeezed into 36 pages!? 
Don't believe me? Let's review! 

Why I think this is a great buy:
  • She included a little key to the bottom of each card! I really like this because sometimes TpT products can be hard to organize and keep track of. Usually I put them in rubber banded or paper clipped sections, but when using them it's hard to keep track! This makes it much easier to tell what cards are for what task! Genius! 
  • There are worksheets that are included for the sections! These would be great pages to photocopy and have students fill out as a data collection. You could also copy a few and use in a plastic sheet protector to reuse.  
  • Another great feature are the sorting mats! 
  •  I think my favorite part is the context clues. Personally I have a hard time teaching vocabulary because well...where do you begin!? Using books to teach vocabulary and then using these cards makes it easy! 
  • The sequencing is great! It includes a mat for sequencing events 1-5 and the best part is there are two levels of difficulty, with and without pictures. 
  • The WH questions are clever. Again there are two levels of difficulty!  The first includes little pictures of each possible answer which is great for students who are visual learners or need extra support. For older students you can use the ones that do not have pictures. 
  • There are coloring mats for articulation and rolling the dice game! I also love the inferencing and social skills sections. I think social skills tie in very well with the moral of the story. 
  • Writing sections: great way to tie in personal experience and theory of mind (e.g. If you were the Little Red Hen...)
  • Again as I mentioned above she includes references at the end that include information about why this is a great skill to work on! 
Overall: Worth every penny you would spend on this! There are so many different skills targeted all in one pack! This would be a handy resource for those groups of students who all have different goals, or students with both articulation/language goals. You could hit every goal in one or two sessions with this. This is why books seriously RULE!

I own many of The Speech Bubble's products. Some of my personal favorites include:
 Don't take my word for it, go purchase a few and you will see how great her products are!

Don't forget to follow her facebook, blog and TpT store!

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