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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Did You Do? Wednesday

Today I am reviewing a new way to target articulation (and some other skills as well) brought to you by, Shannon of Speechy Musings! Shannon is a first year graduate student! Cannot believe she has time to create such great products while in graduate school.

For example this product: Articulation Menus
What is it? A pack of articulation "menus" for made-up restaurants! Each target a different sound in the initial position!

What is included:
  • Ideas page that gives all kinds of different ideas for use! Example: Have the students act out a real restaurant. Have one student be the waiter and take orders for all the other students. Then switch so everyone has a turn to be the waiter.
  • 2 menus for each of the following sounds in the initial position: /s/, /f/, /l/, /k/, and /g/. 
  • A review worksheet that asks comprehension questions about the menu the student had during the session.
  • A worksheet that includes sequence of ordering (first, next, last) with pictures of the food they ordered.
  • An instruction page for a dice game that asks comprehension questions.
Why I think this is a great buy: 
  • Frankly, I am getting so sick and tired of using my SuperDuper articulation cards! I can only look at those pictures so many times. This packet is a fresh new idea to target many different phonemes in one game! 
  • Because so many sounds are included differentiation is easy. Pass out a menu to each student that has their specific speech sound on it. Pick one student to be the waiter and order away! 
  • Shannon also includes worksheets and games to use these menus for other goals. Now we are talking! Targeting articulation and language comprehension in one packet!? Sweet!  
  • The menus are adorable! The different types of food are things I would love to try: Fun Five Cheeses,  Fay's Fun Fudge, Lemon Pie, Caramel Coffee, Garlic Bread, Salami Sandwich (YUM!)

  • One of my favorite parts of this packet is the comprehension sheet. To give you a sneak peek these are my two favorite questions:
  • Also, each menu has a location. Students are later asked where their restaurant was located! I am Irish, so I am drawn to the "Lucky Lantern."
  • This packet also targets sequencing of First, Next, Last with ordering! So students could pick an appetizer, entree and dessert (or drink). They then get to draw pictures. 
Overall: Well thought out, creative idea, and good for multiple different goals all in one therapy session. Mix it up and get many uses out of this by playing different games that are included. Target comprehension and articulation at the same time! Fabulous! In fact, I would LOVE to see more of these menus for medial and final sounds! As well as maybe an /r/ packet *hint hint* 

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