The Objective Binder is here!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My objective binder was quite a hit! I decided to make it more appealing and update it.

UPDATE: The objective binder is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers for only $1.50
Here is a preview of a few pages....
Click the image below to go to my TPT store!
What's included: 11 pages of objectives, 1 title page and 1 tips/use page
Descriptions of what the student is expected to be learning and why! 
Includes objectives for:  articulation, fluency, voice, social skills, asking/answering questions, retelling stories, pronouns, plurals, verb tenses, vocabulary and progress reports.
Have something specific you want? My e-mail is located on the last page. I will add 3 objectives to the document and send it back free!

Thanks for your support and encouragement in this new endeavor!
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2 Responses to “The Objective Binder is here!”

  1. Love the update! I was so inspired by your original post that I created a similar binder with objectives for my caseload. It's been so helpful with a bunch of my students! I'm a total fan of letting them in on the game plan! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I am glad it helped out out in focusing students attention toward their goals. I am loving all the support between SLPs on this site. Follow me on facebook to keep updated :)