Conversation Hearts~Friendship

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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I love using this simple activity every year. It is a great way to talk to students about FRIENDSHIP! For many students it's difficult to grasp what a good friend is. 

Targets: expressive language, syntax/morphology and pragmatics

How?  Students discuss traits of a good friend as a group. Have each student complete "A friend is____". Draw a picture. Share as a group.

This activity is purposely simple! Make it what you want!

Ideas for use: Print it on fun colored paper. One year I used all pastels like real conversation hearts. Another year I drew a bumpy border around the edge. I posted the bulletin header "Conversations About: Friendship" and stapled all the hearts for about a week and then took them down and had students give them to their friend as a very special Valentine. 

A student even gave me a hear, as he thought I was a good friend. Cute.

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