Can we learn from South Park!?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am busy working away on a new regular past tense packet for my TpT store, it will be up soon. Meanwhile my fiance left the tv on Comedy Central...

The episode "Elementary School Musical" shows Scott Malkinson a student with a lisp. Anyone who says a lisp does not affect a child vocational, academic or social skills should watch this! The quote, "No one is going to let him do a musical," because of his lisp is probably said to our students more than we know!

I wonder how many people have been turned away from things they wanted to do as a result of a speech and/or language impairment.

At least lil' Scott Malkinson tries to stand up for himself, (I couldn't embed) watch:

Not to mention the Asperger's Episode! Oh my! Not even going to link to that awful episode!!!

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