Yo-Yo of a Week

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I hit some major lows this week, it all changed with ONE session this morning. 

I have two new walk-in preschoolers (age 3) on my caseload. I have not worked with 3 year-olds in a while and I forgot how much you need to prepare for them! 

In our school we have a no excuses policy for ourselves and the students, so *tisk tisk* and slap on the wrist for myself! haha.

This morning I pulled out about every activity for articulation that involved moving around on the floor, just in case.   The first student comes in (who has been a bit challenging to get to know) and asks me to close my eyes. He slips a bracelet onto my hand that he made with his mom!  Adorable!

I work in a very low income area (90+% of students get free or reduced lunch) and to get a little present even if it's a picture or letter is awesome, let alone a cool personalized bracelet! I wore my new bracelet all day. 

Beyond that, the boys had a GREAT time with the Super Duper /s/ fishing game. They only wanted to play this! Talk about making therapy easy and fun for the day. The boys even insisted that I fish with them. We got in multiple multiple trials, matched the fish, tried different poles that I have. 

Today was a good day.

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One Response to “Yo-Yo of a Week”

  1. I've had those days! I too work in a very diverse school with at least 90% free or reduced lunch. What a special gift to receive! Keep in a prominent place so you can look at it in one of those low moments.