Stuck at work=objective binder post!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I had 3 IEPs today, a BEST meeting and then came back to my office  to wrap up for the day. I stayed late.

Well, for my brain it was too late. I am literally stuck at work! I opened my car, got in, looked at my key ring and my car key somehow fell off my clip. Instead of problem solving (Hey lady, you UNLOCKED THE CAR, duh!). I get out of the car to go look for it on the ground and lock myself out of my car with ALL my stuff in there.

Luckily the office was open. They gave me a key to my room and let me call my awesome fiance. Who is on his way horrible traffic.

What now? I caught up on the office type stuff (hole punching, putting files away), but I can't do much because everything is on my laptop and all the files I need are in my car.

Now that I have basically run out of things to do, I am going to show you my objective binder!  I made this out of a binder I found at a teacher "junk" store called RAFT (more on this later). The binder is from a bank I think because it has VISA symbols on it. It stands up using Velcro that came on it. I am sure you SLPs could figure out a way to make one with a normal binder. 

When our principal does evaluations she likes to see that the objective of the lesson is very clear. Well for speech and language students, it is! It's their IEP goals! I like to flip to a generic page in my binder that targets what we are doing that day.
I found the "Today I am", "So that I can:" and "I'll know I've got it when" from pinterest. A gal was using them in a pocket chart format. For me, flipping to a page works much better than trying to find little cards for the pocket chart.  I have a page for each area of speech and language, including social skills. I may need to make a teachers pay teachers store for this! What do you all think?
This page has "completing progress reports!" I take data all the time, but I like doing some rotations towards progress report season. I work with one student intensely and check goal progress; while other students are doing floor activities and rotate. I like to remind students of WHY they come to see me and that progress reports show teachers, parents and themselves how much they have learned!

Besides using this objective chart, I use my "help box" (see previous post) to write a schedule of activities on the board. Hope this helps some of you!

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8 Responses to “Stuck at work=objective binder post!”

  1. I would love to see this as a download! Thanks for sharing and what a great idea. I am actually working on recall with my students and one way I had them work on recall was discussing what we did during the session, they had to state the activity and they state what their goals were. This would be a great visual! Awesome!

  2. Yes please!!! This is a wonderful, wonderful asset to have in a speech room and I would love to have something like it!

  3. Great! Thanks for the feedback! I would love to share it with everyone so we don't have to reinvent all the time! I will keep you posted!

    I always think we should know WHY we are doing something and I think our students should know WHY to! I used Speech Room New's "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom I am working on ________ in the speech room" page at the beginning of the year to have student memorize their goals. We are now in January and some of them still need refreshers!

  4. I would totally use this. I've tried to post objectives but in the interest of confidentiallity it became so generic that there was really no point.

  5. Thanks! Yes, I think having a cover page to flip to when you are done with the session will help. Yes, having basic overall objectives helps me and the students. I don't always remember to flip it, but it's nice to have in the room as a reminder.

  6. I would absolutely buy this from TPT! This is such a great idea and I think so many principals would love to see this in speech rooms :)

  7. I LOVE this! Such a great idea...

  8. Rachel, Looks like you've had a busy summer. I'm wondering if this is available yet.