Trying to Feel Safe

Monday, December 17, 2012

I am sure I shared the feeling of apprehension towards returning to school, as many others who work in the school systems today.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist I have students entering and leaving my room every 30 minutes, so I usually keep my door unlocked. Today that changed.  We now have a sign on the door asking students to knock and wait for us to let them in.

Frankly, it was hard to hide my anger and sadness that such ugliness could happen in the world. That I have to keep my door locked, practice lock down after lock down, and review why school is safe with my students.  We all know in reality the world is not safe. No where is safe. We may go around thinking it will not be us, but it could.  In the end we have to be prepared and be able to protect our students and ourselves.

Many of my students were confused, and asked lots of questions today. A great resource posted by was a little book by Jodi Southard of Fun in First 

You can find the book here for FREE:

My younger students did well with this and enjoyed coloring in the pages. The last page has a bit about why or why not students feel safe. A lot of them wrote they felt safe because of their teacher or because the police take away the bad guys. It made me feel good that students still feel safe.

Tomorrow is a day of silence in the blog world to honor the loss and all those affected by Sandy Hook Tragedy. 

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