The Start of Something New

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello fellow Speech-Language Pathologists!

I have been wanting to create a space to share all my work related ideas, crafts and organizational skills for some time now! I have been rather busy, but that's the life of an SLP. Also, I could not come up with a name, my lovely fiance came up with this one. Love it.

About me: 

  •  This is my third year as a Speech-Language Pathologist 
  • I hold a BA in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from SDSU, MA in Communication Disorders from SJSU, Clear Speech Language Pathology Credential, my CA state license and my ASHA CCC's. Wow, that was mouth full! (not to brag or anything)
  •  My area of specialty is preschool through elementary age
  •  I currently work in a public school that is 90%+ bilingual and low income. I have become very good at knowing the different between language learning and a language disorder.
  • I have worked in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). It was a great experience, and something to fall back on should I ever need it. 
  • I am organized, crafty, a self-proclaimed data fiend (still tweaking most efficient ways to do this), and stressed!
  • I believe that therapy should be fun both for me and for the students!

I look forward to sharing all I learn with all of you!

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